The Gathering of Ambassadors of Jesus Christ is a company of people and Ambassadors of Jesus Christ representing and demonstrating His Love, Power and Authority while continuing His Mission and Fulfilling the Great Commission as instructed in Matthew 28:16-20.



​ The Mission of The Gathering is to:


• Prepare a People for the Return of Jesus Christ


• Present Biblical Truth for Social and Cultural Issues that we may be aligned with Jesus Christ when He returns.


• Provide Pastoral Covering and Accountability for those in Transition and in Marketplace Ministry


• Pastoral Membership


• Apostolic and Prophetic Equipping


• Releasing to “your” Kingdom of God Assignment


• Apostolic Evangelism




A commissioned Apostle and Pastor of The Gathering for Ambassadors of Jesus Christ passionately preaches, teaches and counsels the Word of God with a Holy boldness. Gifted in training others in the work of the ministry, her spontaneous flow of wisdom with fire reaches the heart to bring forth a righteous change for the Glory of God.


Honorary Doctoral Degree in Theology, Th.D - 2016

Masters of Arts (M.A) in Christian Counseling

Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min) majoring in Christian Counseling

Court Appointed Advocate (CAA) for Harris County, TX

First Fruits Leadership Institute - 2011

New Light Christian Center School of Ministry - 1998


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